Be the Technology Business Owner who gets your marketing DONE!

Discover and implement a proven systematic approach to attract and keep more customers.

Start building a thriving business today with less stress, more control and more certainty!

Are You Running a Technology Business and…

  • Struggle to stand out against similar tech companies?

  • Find it difficult to show how you’re different?

  • Don’t know what marketing is best for your product or services?

  • Lack the expertise and skills to properly implement marketing?

  • Rely on agencies who don’t ‘understand’ your tech business?

  • Need simple, no-nonsense marketing strategies that work?

  • Wishing you had more money at the end of the month and a bit more time to yourself?

We get it! Together, let's get your marketing DONE!

Coaching or Done-With-You

Choose to be guided (coached) through a structured programme or work side-by-side to get things done.

Tools, Templates & Guidance

Get clarity on your goals, marketing strategy and identify the right marketing pillars to implement for your business.

Planning, Measuring & Tracking

Regularly review progress and results, optimising strategies and tactics to achieve predictability (the secret to sleeping well!).

We understand the overwhelm and challenge of not knowing what to do and where to spend your hard-earned cash to see a return on your marketing. You’ve spent money before and not got the results you hoped for.

However, you’re good at what you do – your business is built on solid ‘bricks’ of technology and innovation. But it’s lacking the ‘mortar’ of strategic, effective marketing. It’s hard to get new customers and keep them coming back. It’s frustrating when leads don’t convert as expected, hindering your business’s growth potential. And that can mean less money for you and more stress.

What if you had a simple plan? A straightforward action plan backed by a fail-proof marketing strategy and guided by a seasoned marketing coach, or even practical help and support in the form of a part-time or fractional Marketing Director to get your marketing done!

With 35 years in customer-facing marketing, sales and operational roles in technology businesses working across a wide variety of sectors, managing marketing teams and agencies I can relate to the challenges you face.

Have you considered a part-time Marketing Director?

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Watch the video above – Learn how to move from Overwhelm to Thriving!

At Braveheart Business Hub we know that you want to be a successful, thriving technology business.

In order to do that, you need a practical, effective marketing strategy to stand out in a crowded marketplace and attract more customers.

The problem is not knowing what marketing really works, which makes you feel stressed, overwhelmed and uncertain about what will work best for your business and therefore, where to invest your time and money.

We believe having practical help and support from an expert marketer can be a game-changer.

We understand the world of marketing is complex, ever-changing and not your speciality which is why we bring marketing thinking and years of practical experience managing marketing campaigns, teams and agencies to help businesses grow.

Here’s how we do it:

We listen and understand your current situation, goals and ambitions

We get clear on your numbers, value proposition and positioning

We formulate a plan with a small, manageable number of marketing pillars tailored for your business

So, call me on 01357 521280 to explore how we can work together. And in the meantime, take a look at the video above…

So you can stop stressing, worrying and wondering whether you’re doing the right things and instead have a clear plan to attract more customers! (and sleep better at night!).

We’re Here To Help You

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