It's The Braveheart Way

It’s The Braveheart Way

Sometimes it can be lonely as a business owner.

It’s certainly challenging at times, whatever stage you’re at on your journey.

If you were climbing a mountain or working on getting fitter you would typically find a guide or personal trainer. Increasingly people are looking to either accelerate their learning and progress or just need to lean on people with ‘outside’ expertise in order to improve their business.

It’s also true that ‘one size does not fit all’. What this means for you is that your circumstances, your aspirations and your style all define how you want to move forward.

We understand that.

We have a great combination of broad business and marketing experience as well as proven methodologies and tools that can help you on your journey.



A seasoned marketing professional with 35 years of business expertise, excels as an authority in marketing systems. His proficiency in devising innovative marketing strategies has been pivotal in driving business growth. With a strong focus on strategic planning, implementation, and sustainable growth he adeptly merges marketing systems with B2B/C development and customer enablement. Mark’s skill in orchestrating effective marketing solutions ensures business success and dynamic company progression. He is also a Certified Coach with Entrepreneurs Circle amongst other things. Mark Alexander | LinkedIn


A small Business Strategist and Marketing & Sales Coach, excels in transforming businesses into profitable ventures. Certified by a leading entrepreneur coaching group, she’s skilled in Marketing Strategy, LinkedIn, Lead Generation, AI, and Sales Systems. Passionate about driving growth and empowering small businesses, Samantha’s expertise has significantly enhanced client success. She is also a certified NLP Practitioner. Samantha Wilson | LinkedIn

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We are a Strathaven-based, family run business with 5 kids – mostly grown up, with our youngest aged 11! We have strong roots here in Strathaven with family members who have made, and continue to make, a difference in the local community.

Being based in Scotland we love running, cycling, swimming and getting out and about
(read: sociable, fun-loving and energetic 😁).

We also believe in being lifelong learners – so ask us any time for suggestions on great books to read.

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