It’s all about the rhythm!

It’s that time of year – Gala week in sunny Strathaven!

With a range of activities for everyone it’s a great sense of community and a week that really should include a Bank Holiday Monday…

Having kicked off with Hangerfest – live bands playing in all the pubs and restaurants on the Saturday we moved into a not-quite-so sunny Sunday.

The annual Raft Race attracted 57 teams this year – mens, ladies and mixed teams of 4 combined with a large crowd of supporters on the river bank.

Everyone goes into it for a bit of fun – but once in the water it seems to become a whole lot more competitive!

Our mixed team were all first-timers so unsure of what to expect (apart from being advised that you might get sore knees and you will get soaked at the end😂).

We had a simple strategy – distribute our weights for balance then paddle in sync, and paddle hard.

That was it.

Apparently I didn’t quite get the ‘in-sync’ bit in our heat, but we managed to secure our place in the final.

With 7 teams in the final we suddenly found our (natural) competitiveness rising.

Same strategy, but more consistency required…

And by focus, effort and much improved sync we managed to win by an arms length!

I’m sure by now you’ve heard me quote the phrase ‘rhythmic activity leads to rhythmic acquisition of customers’ – and if you haven’t before, you have now.

It was our rhythmic (frantic) paddling that ultimately won the race, and not by a huge margin, but just enough to allow us to win.

For many businesses the combination of rhythmic marketing activities and enough consistency can put you ahead of your competition – enough to win!

You don’t have to be massively better – just enough to have an edge.

I’d love to help you find that edge in your business so drop me a REPLY to this email and let’s figure it out as a team.

P.S. I’m not sure what the marketing equivalent is of getting buckets of water thrown over you even if you win!!