Four Letters and a Pickled Onion: Simple Strategies to Unlock Revenue from Existing Customers

We all want more money in our business, but the question is, how do you get it without spending an arm and a leg on marketing? Two words: existing customers. It’s not about chasing the new and shiny; sometimes, gold is hiding in your current client base. Let me share two stories that prove the point: one about pickled onions and the other about four magical letters.

A Pickled Onion Revolution in Glasgow

A fish and chip shop owner in Glasgow made a small but game-changing move in his business. Instead of just handing over the greasy paper bags full of crispy delights, he started asking one simple question: “Would you like a pickled onion?” What seemed like an innocent inquiry led to a jaw-dropping £30,000 increase in annual revenue! How often do we overlook the small upsells, thinking they won’t make a significant impact? Trust me, they do.

The Power of “Upto” in B2B

“But I don’t own a retail shop,” you may say. “I operate in the B2B space; this doesn’t apply to me.” Hold on a second. My friend Paul, a B2B salesman, has something to teach us all about stretching revenue from existing clients. He uses four simple letters to do it: “Upto.”

Here’s how it works. When a potential customer is about to place an order or request a quote, Paul asks, “What’s your budget?” Whatever number they give, he replies, “Upto?” This small prompt makes the customer reconsider. And more often than not, they stretch their budget, bumping up the order value. Just like that, Paul not only stretches their budget but also boosts his sales and bottom line.

The Takeaway

Whether it’s adding a pickled onion to an order of fish and chips or encouraging a B2B client to stretch their budget, the key lies in systematic, intentional upselling. In both scenarios, a minor nudge led to significant gains. It’s a reminder that sometimes, it’s not the grand gestures but the small, systematic touches that make all the difference. And guess what? They can make all the difference for you too, whether you’re in retail, services, B2B, or any other sector.

So next time you’re interacting with a customer, remember the pickled onion and the four magical letters “Upto.” Your bottom line will thank you.