Marry the Process, Divorce the Outcome

“Success is a journey, not a destination.” We’ve all heard this adage before, but how many of us really internalise it? Today, I want to delve into an idea that may transform the way you look at success, both personally and professionally. The concept is simple: ‘Marry the process, divorce the outcome.’

The Seed of Potential

Think of your daily routine or a small task you undertake as a seed. On the surface, it may seem insignificant—a tiny object without much purpose. However, within that seed lies the potential for extraordinary growth. It holds the blueprint for a mighty oak tree or a beautiful flower.

Similarly, every task you engage in, no matter how mundane, can be that seed. It holds the potential to grow into something remarkable, but only if you nourish it with the right intention and focus.

Learning from the Greats

Arnold Schwarzenegger, once said that to build a muscle, you need to see inside it, understand its capacity, and then work towards building it. You need to understand the process intimately. The quality of your intentions matters in every endeavour—be it pumping iron at the gym, navigating a meeting, or strategising for your business.

Uphill Struggles and Downhill Joys

Imagine cycling up a steep hill. It’s gruelling, isn’t it? Every pedal stroke feels like a Herculean effort. However, what comes after you reach the top? The exhilarating and effortless glide downhill, the wind against your face, the scenery rushing past you. It’s the same in life and business—the uphill struggle makes the downhill journey worth it.

Applying the Principle in Business

Whether you’re solving a small issue or making a key decision that could affect the future of your company, the ‘Marry the process, divorce the outcome’ mantra can be a game-changer. By focusing on quality output and injecting purpose and intention into every action, you not only build something remarkable but also something repeatable. This is where predictability comes into play, and let’s face it, predictability in business is a goldmine.

The Braveheart Mantra

Our mantra at Braveheart Biz Hub is straightforward: Repeat. Improve. Grow. Consistency, quality, and intention—these are the foundations upon which success is built. Once you embrace this mantra, you’ll find that your actions gain a new sense of purpose and efficacy.

Final Thoughts

So, here’s to letting go of an obsessive focus on outcomes and embracing the journey instead. Let’s marry the process and divorce the outcome, shall we? Because, at the end of the day, it’s not about where you end up, but how you get there that truly matters. Remember, the quality of your journey defines you, not your destination.

Here’s to your success!